Cake Mix Theology – Really?


October 6, 2014 by maryruwe

thTVBO2JACI woke up this morning thinking about cake mixes.  Not really sure why since we’ve had cake not too long ago and I’m not really hungry for another cake. We really like chocolate cake and angel food cake, just in case you might want to know.  Then I began to think of the ingredients that make a cake.   I am amazed of how I see God in everything.  You might call it craziness but I call it “amazement”.  I am amazed at how God reveals Himself to me in such a manner.  I think it is His Way of showing us how simple it is to have a relationship with Him.  We don’t have to have educational degrees to receive revelation from God.  Not that I’m against education – and neither is God; it just that all of us should continue to apply ourselves to learning throughout our lives.  And of course I believe that learning God’s Word is the best education a person can have.  So let’s begin our lesson for the week.

The Cake mix: The box says it is a cake mix.  In order to make a cake you must first open the box and follow the instructions.  The mix by itself is dry and hard to swallow; hard to apply or “take in”.  It is the basis for the rest of the ingredients, a necessary beginning to make a cake. The Bible: The Bible says it is the Word of God.  In order to know Him we must open it and read it.  The revelation of the Law of God seems at times hard to swallow and to receive.  However HE is the basis for the rest of the revelation of His Word, a necessary beginning to form a relationship with Him.  The Bible contains the instructions for us and shows us how to become sons and daughters of God.  It all begins with the revelation that, “in the beginning God created the heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1).  In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1); and the Word was made flesh (John 1:14).
EGG: This is the ingredient that holds the cake together.  Without the egg the ingredients would not hold (adhere) together and form the cake. Jesus: He is the ingredient that holds the creation together.  In the beginning God’s prize creation (mankind) had fellowship with Him; but when Adam and Eve sinned they lost that relationship with God their Creator.  Mankind needed help in restoring the relationship with God.  We could not do it on our own, we needed someone to help us. So God sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins and give us access to the Father.  Without Jesus we cannot come into the presence of God (John 14:6).  We need Jesus.
Liquid: Oil and Water: These ingredients give buoyancy to the cake.  Buoyancy means, “the power of a fluid to exert force on a body it’s placed in; giving it resilience. Resilience is the ability to recover from change or misfortune. Holy Spirit:  He is the ingredient in this trilogy who gives us the power to live for God.  It is with the Holy Spirit that we have the power to walk in love, kindness, forgiveness, gentleness, and to wage spiritual warfare.  It is with the Holy Spirit that we regain our ability to recover from the misfortune that sin brought upon us.
The Oven: The heat in the oven is what activates the ingredients to bond together to form the cake; making it solid.  Without the oven heat the ingredients would stay in that saucy-liquid form and not complete the reason for its being…it would not become a solid cake. Faith:  Faith is what activates the power of God in our lives, restoring our relationship with God.  This faith only comes by hearing the Word of God (Romans 10:17).  We must hear in order to know, and we must know in order to believe, and we must believe in order to activate the Promises of God in our lives.   It is only with faith in the Word of God that we are able to complete the reason for our being – to be a child of God and bring Him Glory.

My prayer for you this week is that you will realize that God loves you; He has all the ingredients you need to live for Him.  I pray that you will know that Jesus is the One who makes it possible to be a child of God, and the Holy Spirit gives you the power to live for God, and it is your faith that activates the Promises of God in your life.  Be of good cheer; God is for you and not against you. Jesus came to give you life abundantly so receive His Life today.

3 thoughts on “Cake Mix Theology – Really?

  1. Art says:

    Thank you for the encouragement.

  2. There is going to be someone who reads this who will say to themselves, “Now everything makes sense”. Good work Mary!!!!!

  3. karlajetat says:


    I like your Cake Mix Theology.


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