Praying for the USA

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November 6, 2016 by maryruwe

thThe United States of America is a great nation.  We are not great because of our goodness or our greatness but because of the God we trust in who is good and great.  God Almighty has blessed this Nation; we are a Nation that was founded by people who wanted to spread the Gospel of the Bible; not just for their own individual freedom of worship.

This week we Americans exercise our right and duty to vote in the Elections.  I say right because as a citizen it is our right to have a vote in who will lead our Country.  I say duty because as a citizen it is our responsibility to take our part in how this Country is run.  As citizens of this Nation, and as Christian believers in the Bible, we need to take this seriously.

When I was young I remember family members talking about elections.  Most of the time they were disappointed in how the Nation was being led and yet at the same time seemed to discourage those with good moral values and of integrity to run for office, even Christians. Their reasoning had to do with their WRONG thinking that most of those elected officials were crooks.  (Now how stupid is that thinking.)  It is because of that type of thinking and reasoning that we as a Nation have some of the problems we now face.  If people with good Godly ethics and morals want that kind of a nation for themselves, their children and grandchildren, then they ought to be in offices of authority.  It is that simple.   Now some might argue that they don’t want a Christian in office because they don’t want to be preached to, but it seems to me that those who are in office and not Christians do their share preaching of their beliefs at us all the time.  (I’m just saying.)

Okay, now that we have cleared the air on whether a person should vote or not, let’s go on to praying for the elections this week.

“Heavenly Father, I come to you right now in the name of Jesus, Your Son.  I ask for forgiveness and mercy for my Nation for the sins committed against you, forgive us Father.  Your very Word says in Second Chronicles 7:14 that if we, your people, shall humble ourselves, pray and seek your face, and turn from our wicked ways; then you will hear from heaven, and will forgive us and heal our land. Lord, we humble ourselves before you and seek your face for forgiveness and mercy; we turn from our sins.  Hear our cries O Lord, and heal our Land.  I lift up all the elections for this Nation and prayer that people will come out to vote and will vote the Platform of the Party that stands closest to Your Values O God.  It should never be whether the candidate is male or female, black or white, but whether they stand for truth and the Constitution of the United States as it was originally set forth.  I lift up the standard of the Word of God against any and all evil forces that would try to cause confusion, fear, and disruption in these elections.  I speak peace and clear thinking to all voters, and workers at the polls, as well as safety for all.  Thank You Lord for Your Love and Mercy; and let it be known now – that no matter what happens – I will keep my trust in You O God my Savior and Redeemer.  In Jesus Name, Amen.”

Remember we are to continue to pray for those in authority.

In April I share a post about my prayer time in praying for leaders in the United States, just in case you would like to go back and read that prayer.







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