But For The Grace of God

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November 15, 2016 by maryruwe

2014-08-13-20-52-33Several years ago I heard a lady share her testimony.  As I listened to her I thought to myself. “But for the Grace of God there I would be too”.  Almost immediately in my spirit I heard these words, “It’s not just my Grace”.  I replied, “Of course it’s Your Grace, Lord, it’s all your power”.  Then the Lord reminded me that I had a part to play too.  Think about it.  If it was only His Grace at work, only His Grace needed, then everyone would be saved, healed, and delivered from sin; so my friends we do have a part to play in this equation.  We must agree and work with His Grace.  Why, because He gave us the right to choose whether or not we will live for Him.  It’s our decisions that determine how much of God’s Grace we are experiencing in our own lives.  There are those who say they believe the Word of God, but they are not living in agreement with His Word – they want to pick and choose just certain parts of the Scriptures to live by – and therefore they are not experiencing the full potential of His Word because their lifestyle limits the power of God in their lives.

God wills that none should perish and yet we know that not all are saved (2 Peter 3:9).  His Grace is abundant for us to have strength, wisdom, and courage to walk in faith, and we receive it by believing, obeying and applying His Word to our lives.

Remember the Samaritan woman who touched Jesus’ garment and was healed?  I’m sure there were many others in that crowd who needed healing that day too.  What made the difference?  Her faith made the difference.  She believed and said, “if only I touch his garment, I shall be whole” (Matthew 9:20-22).  There are others who received healing by touching the hem of His garment.  In Matthew 14:34-36 we read that there were many from the land of Gennesaret that besought Jesus “that they might only touch the hem of his garment: and as many as touched it were made perfectly whole”.  We understand that it was the power of Him who wore the garment.  The hem of His garment was a point of contact for them.  Today we pray over cloths or handkerchiefs for the healing anointing but the fact still remains that it takes faith on our part to receive that anointing and be healed.  It is always faith in God’s Word that brings the desired result of His Word into our lives. 

Another example is when Jesus was being crucified on the Cross with a thief on each side of Him (Luke 23:33, 39-43).  However, only one of the thieves acknowledged who Jesus was and received redemption.  The power of forgiveness was present for both of them but only the one part-took of that Power.  It is not enough to just know that there is a God, and that He sent Jesus to redeem us.  It is not enough just to know that Jesus took the stripes on his back for our healing.  Knowing about Him is not the same as knowing Him personally and having faith in Him.   We must confess Him as Savior and Lord.  We must live according to His Word.

I learned several things that day as I listened to the testimony of that particular lady.  First I learned that even though God’s Grace is available to and for everyone, not everyone will recognize, acknowledge, and make decisions to receive His Grace and to walk in obedience to His Word.  His Grace is unmerited help available to all who will receive Him.  The power in His Grace gives us freedom from sin that we all long for, but it’s up to each of us to decide whether or not we accept that Grace and walk in the truth of that Grace. 

Another thing I learned that day is to be careful when and to who to say that phrase, “but for the Grace of God there I would be”, because some might think that phrase means that it was all up to God that kept us from hurtful situations and His Grace wasn’t there for them – to keep them from some hurtful situations, and that is not true.  We cannot deny that some are saved out of situations while others are saved from the same type of situations but this doesn’t mean that one is better than another because of that difference; it just means that life situations are different for each.  What you find yourself going through might not be the same circumstances as another, but others may be going through some situations that you are not.  However, in each case, the outcome of those situations may very well be dependent on our response to those things.  Also, we also need to understand that some situations that occur in our lives are not a result of our decisions but decisions of others.  We are affected by them even though we didn’t do anything to bring them about. As the saying goes, “life happens”.  God is no respecter of persons – in other words, it is faith in Him that moves His Grace and Power in our lives (Romans 2:11, Ephesians 6:9, 1 Peter 1:17).  We need to know and understand that God’s Grace is abundantly available to us, and we activate His Grace and Power in our lives with our faith, our words, and obedience to His Word.  We must all depend upon God’s Grace to bring us through this life victorious. 

My prayer this week is that we will be quick to call upon the Grace of God for strength, help, wisdom, and courage to be obedient to His Word.



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