Be A Blessing


April 3, 2017 by maryruwe


I remember coming home from school and hearing my mother singing.  That memory has been in my thoughts for a couple of days now, and how sweet this memory is. One of her favorite hymns was, “Make Me A Blessing”; and truly my Mother was a great blessing to everyone.  Now obviously God does not “make” us do anything, we must cooperate with Him.  He does not insist on His own way in our lives but encourages us to submit to His plan for us.  He does not use fear or condemnation to provoke us to do His will – He uses conviction to get us to change from our motives and ways of doing things to His.  There is a difference between condemnation and conviction.

Condemnation has to do with being declared wrong about something and pronounced unfit for use.  Conviction on the other hand has to do with being convinced about being wrong about something and also to bring us into the belief that we are fit for use when we change our ways. It is the devil who is the accuser of all our wrong, and wants judgment pronounced on us.  However as a child of God, when we confess our sins to Him, it is Jesus our Savior who pronounces forgiveness on us.  God doesn’t condemn us.  We know this from the Bible because it clearly states in John 3:17 that God did not send Jesus to condemn us but to save us.

Since it is God who gives us the privilege of choice; then it is our choice whether or not to be a blessing.  God wants us to be a blessing to others but He will not force us to do so because He has given us the right to choose.  So we need to choose wisely, carefully, compassionately, and lovingly.  We need to be aware of the fact that to bless someone doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be in need of help, even though that could be part of it.  Blessing someone comes from the heart of one who just wants to show the love of God to another.  This desire to be a blessing will increase in us as we draw closer to God for He is a giver.

If we are struggling with being a blessing or needing a reason to be a blessing maybe the problem is selfishness or self-centeredness.  Sorry if that sounds harsh; I’m not trying to condemn or offend anyone but we do need to examine and judge ourselves from time to time.  Both selfishness and self-centeredness are only concerned about their own welfare excessively without regard for others; and neither will want to do anything for another until they know how it will benefit them.  They are the opposite of generosity for a generous person is free in giving and sharing.  Being free in their giving doesn’t mean they give away everything they own, it means they are abundant in their giving and delight in giving.  Remember it is only when we ask God to search our heart for any wicked way in us that we will see the real truth in ourselves (Psalm 139:23-24).  We need to judge our motives for why we do what we do.  When we examine our heart and judge our motives and repent if they are wrong, then a change takes place in our heart and we become more like Jesus.

I’m aware that some may think they have nothing to give because in this day and age we think of giving mostly in monetary ways, even though that may be how the Lord leads us at times.  However most of the time it can be a friendly smile, an act of kindness (mowing the lawn if someone can’t do it; cook a meal for someone sick etc), an encouraging word, a telephone call, an email or text that will brighten a person’s day.  All of that is being a blessing.  According to the dictionary, one meaning of the word bless is “to confer happiness upon”.  That being said then, if we make someone happy we have blessed them.  As we can see it is not hard; not at all.

Romans 12:10 instructs us to “love each other with brotherly affection and take delight in honoring each other”.  What I like about this Scripture is that it not only tells us what to do but how.  We are to love each other and delight in blessing others and we are to do it respectfully.  So be happy when you have the opportunity to be a blessing; and do so with a cheerful heart; it will not only bless the person but also please God and bring joy to your heart too. Another Scripture I like is Colossians 3:23 that reminds us to do whatever we do from our heart and as unto the Lord.  Clearly when we bless others with the love of God – it is done unto the Lord.

Heavenly Father I pray right now for all my readers (and myself as well) that we will prepare our hearts in prayer so that we will be aware of opportunities to be a blessing to someone each day.   Show us what to do in each situation so that the person will truly feel blessed.  Thank you Lord for being the great example of love and giving and help us to follow your example.  Amen.



2 thoughts on “Be A Blessing

  1. Lori says:

    I remember somebody being a blessing to me by taking time to hand write daily prayers. 😉

    Your words still bless me!

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