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September 11, 2017 by maryruwe

thWe use facts every day and probably don’t even think about it most of the time.  There’s the fact that a car won’t run without gasoline, so we apply action to that truth and fill the tank.  There’s the fact that having cleaning supplies in the cabinet and a lawn mower in the garage doesn’t mean the house is cleaned or the yard is mowed; we must apply action to that truth to reap the desired results.  Obviously acquiring information doesn’t guarantee that we will receive the benefit of that information.  We must discipline ourselves to walk in the knowledge of facts and apply some kind of action to achieve a desired benefit from those facts.

According to the dictionary, facts are simply pieces of information.   We need both facts and application working together to successfully acquire any benefits.  My purpose in saying all this is to get us thinking about how facts and our interaction with them determines how successful we are in receiving the desired results.  For example to play a musical instrument one must discipline themselves to practice and learn about that instrument to play it properly and to achieve the desired end of accomplishing the ability of playing it.  It is also true that we must discipline ourselves to learn the true facts of God’s Word and learn how to apply them to our lives in order to live a life blessed by the truths of His Word.

Now some of you might be thinking that this is so basic that you just don’t need this reading, but let me assure you that it is always good to review what we have learned and judge ourselves as to whether or not we are walking in those true facts.  We know that we need to review our math skills in order to keep our mind quickened to keep our checkbook balanced!  So it is with reviewing the Word of God; we must quicken our spirit to the truths of His Word to keep us spiritually strong in our faith.  There are too numerous facts and truths to know about God’s Word to mention all of them here in one post, but I will just list a few more to get us thinking:

We must have a good foundation, so let’s must start at the beginning.  Genesis 1:1 teaches us that “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.  This tells us that whenever time began God was there, and everything has its beginning in Him; and all things were made by Him. This I believe.  The next building block is the fact that we are created in the image of God and He calls us to be holy as He is holy (Genesis 1:27, Leviticus 19:2, and 1 Peter 1:15-16).   The next few basics we need to understand are that all mankind need to be spiritually born again because we (mankind) lost that position of holiness and righteousness when Adam disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, the first sin of mankind, therefore passing on to mankind the sin nature.  However the good news is that God in His love and mercy sent Jesus to be born of a virgin, died on the Cross to die for the sins of all mankind, and to purchase mankind back to God.  When we accept Jesus as Savior, He gives us His righteousness, our sins are wiped away, and we become a child of God again.  Praise the Lord!   We no longer have to be afraid of God’s wrath because we as believers are His children and He has appointed us to be joint heirs with Jesus Christ.

God has redeemed us from the curse of the law We can read about the blessings and the curses in Deuteronomy 28.  The blessings came through obedience to the Law and the curses were a result of disobedience to the Law.  The problem is that no one could ever completely obey the Law and therefore was guilty of the whole Law as we are taught in James 2:10.  Since the position of righteousness was lost, or given away, by a righteous man – Adam, then the position of righteousness could only be bought back, or acquired again by a righteousness man – Jesus.  Second Corinthians 5:21 tells us that, “God made him (Jesus) who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God”.

God has provided healing for our bodies.  God forgives all our sins and heals all our diseases.  (Psalm 103:1-3 and 107:20, Isaiah 53:4-5, 1 Peter 2:24)  When Jesus walked on this earth he healed every manner of sickness and disease by the anointing power of God.   (Matthew 4:23, 8:16, 12:15, Act 10:38)  Our Heavenly Father does not give us any disease to teach us anything because He does not have any sickness to give us.  Sickness came into this world as the result of the sinful disobedience of Adam in the Garden of Eden.  God is not divided in His Kingdom; He does not give sickness and then takes it away – He ONLY heals and delivers from sickness (Luke 11:17).

God wants us to prosper and has given us the ability to prosper.  God shows us in His Word that poverty is part of the curse of the Law and that prosperity is part of His Plan of Redemption.  In Joshua 1:7-8 God told Joshua that if he would observe to do according to all the Law he would prosperous and have success.  We have a better Covenant with Jesus as New Testament believers.  We learn in Third John 1:2 that when our soul prospers-meaning we learn to walk in God’s Word – then we will be in health and will prosper.  This is not an automatic blessing that comes to us, nor does it mean that the devil will not challenge this Truth, BUT through faith in the Word of God we will have victory in every situation.

God has called us to be fruitful in every good work and increase in the knowledge of Him.  God has called us unto his kingdom and we are to walk worthy of Him and bring glory to Him (Ephesians 4:1, Colossians 1:10, 1 Thessalonians 2:12).  As we renew our minds to His Word God transforms us into His Image (Romans 12:1-2).  We learn how to put off that old nature that came from Adam and put on the new nature that comes from Jesus (Ephesians 4:21-24).

God has commissioned us to go into the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This is called the Great Commission and is found in Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:15.  We may not all be called to be missionaries or evangelists or even pastors but we are all called to be ministers of the Word of God to one another.  Even if we are not a missionary or an evangelist or a pastor, we are called to support them, prayerfully and financially; and together we accomplish the Gospel being preached.   We are all called to support the Church in its calling.

As I said earlier there are many, many facts and truths in the Bible that cannot possibly be covered in any single blog post or message.  I pray that these truths of God’s Word will spark a renewal of His presence and love for you, and that you are encouraged to walk in agreement with His Word thereby bringing health and prosperity to you.








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