Be A Transformer

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November 13, 2017 by maryruwe

thThe other day I was thinking about the times when my children were younger.  My daughter always loved horses and dogs.  My son loved small cars and trucks, especially those called transformers that could be turned and twisted to look like robots, which of course were wiser and stronger than in their previous state as a car.

Before those kinds of “transformers” came on the scene, we most often thought of a transformer as a device that converted variations of current in one circuit into variations of voltage and current in another circuit.  This just simply means something is passed from one to another; changing its structure for a different purpose.  We think of current as power.

As I thought about that process I began to think how God transforms us from sinners into His saints!  That’s His term for us.  He changes out heart with power Jesus when we accept Jesus as Savior.  As Saints (Christians) we have a different purpose in life and are wiser and strong than our previous state as sinners because we have God’s power living in us!

In Matthew 27:52, we are told that when Jesus rose from the dead, many bodies of the saints came out of the grave too.  Paul referred to the Christians in Rome as saints. (Romans 1:7)  All through the New Testament Christians are also called saints.  So it’s okay to think of yourself as a saint!

The Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines the word saint as a holy godly person, one officially recognized as preeminent for holiness, a holy or godly person.  Sounds like  Christians made in the image of God through the Blood of Jesus, doesn’t it?  Oh by the way, preeminent just means having highest rank, and that’s what and who Jesus is with the Name of all Names, who has all authority given Him by God the Father.  Yes I believe it is!  AND He gives us the power of attorney to use His Name when we pray.  The Index in the front of my Bible describes the word saint as God’s redeemed people.  If you are a Christian then you are redeemed.

When a person accepts Jesus as Savior and Lord, their very structure is changed.  Spiritually speaking we receive the nature of God.   We have been transformed by our relationship as believers in Jesus as the Son of God, the One who died for our sins and was raised to life again.  Think about it this way, not only did we receive this transformation of our heart (spirit) from sinner to saint, but we are called to be “transformers” in bringing God’s love to others.

Matthew 28:19-20 instructs us to go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; teaching them to observe all what Jesus commanded them.

Mark 16:15 says it this way, go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature (creation).

The word gospel means good news.  The Gospel of Jesus is the infallible truth that He died for our sins on the Cross, God raised Him from the dead, and He is now seated at the right hand of the Father in Heaven, ever interceding for us, and helping us to live for Him.  When we bring this Good News to our world by preaching, teaching, and showing God’s love, then in a sense we are being a transformer, allowing the power of God to flow through us to those around us.

This week I encourage you to allow the love of Jesus to be evident in your life so others will want this – transformation – this change of heart that God offers them in Jesus Christ.

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