The Truth Is One Sided


August 27, 2018 by maryruwe

downloadThere are two sides to everything.  There are two sides to a coin, to a wall, to a sheet of paper, to everything.  For every lie there is a truth and for every truth there is a lie.  God tells us the truth and the devil tells us the lie.  BUT GOD’S TRUTH IS ALWAYS ONE SIDED. 

The devil lies to distort the truth to pull us away from God, but God tells us the truth to deliver us from the lie.  The devil deceives to destroy us, but God delivers to restore us.  God tells us the truth and the devil tells us the lie; that’s a fact.

You might have also heard it taught that a half truth is a lie.  The devil will tell us things that sound good and maybe even sound right, but the fact is he is a liar and cannot speak the truth.  (John 8:44)  This is why it is so very important to know THE TRUTH-JESUS-GOD’S WORD.

When we know Scriptural truth then it is easier to recognize the half-truth that the devil whispers in our ear.   He spoke half-truths to Eve in the Garden of Eden, and he spoke half-truths to Jesus in the wilderness when He was fasting.  Eve failed the test; Adam failed the test, BUT Jesus passed the test by quoting Scripture back to the devil.  (Genesis 3:1-7, Luke 4:1-13)  The lesson here is that we need to know Scripture and the truth to quote to the devil when he attacks us.

James 1:5- 7 – tells us that if we lack wisdom (or actually lack anything) we can ask of God, and it shall be given to us.  IF WE ASK IN FAITH; that’s the key, we must be in faith.  Otherwise we will waver between doubt and assurance; between lies and truths, which will cause us to be unstable, not just in our faith walk but in every area of our lives, “in all our ways”.  (James 1:8)  Unstableness means our words waver between curses and blessings and thereby bringing both death and life into our lives; wavering, my friends, should not be.  (Deuteronomy 30:19, James 3:10)

The dictionary actually calls this “double-talk”: language that appears to be meaningful but in fact is a mixture of sense and non-sense.  (I found it interesting that it didn’t list “double-minded”).  However, the Bible says we are what we think; so, if our thinking is divided between believing or not believing then our words will also be divided-thus the double-talk, which then produces unstableness in all our ways.

This “double-talk” is what James 3:9-11 is teaching us about our tongue when we bless God and then with it we curse men; that the same mouth speaks blessing and curing.  This should not be.  To point out the natural side of this truth so we can understand it better, he relates the same process to a spring of water which does not send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening.  Our words should not be dividing us between life and death but uniting us to life in the promises of God.  I’m sure you have heard the saying, “a house divided will fall but a house united will stand”.  If we want to be strong spiritually then we must not allow our words to “snare” us and divide us from the truth.  (Proverbs 6:2)

So how do we “counter” this double-minded-double-talk?  The answer is in James 4:8 – Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.  Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded.  The Amplified Bible states it this way: Come close to God and He will come close to you. Wash your hands, and purify our (unfaithful) hearts.  God’s Word cleanses our heart from the worldly impurities that we come into contact with each day.  The result of His Word in our heart is that our hands are cleansed – meaning our heart is changed, our thinking is changed, and our words are changed, producing a change in us from a sinful life to a godly life.  We draw close to God by submitting to Him.  When we are submitting to God we are resisting the devil and our resistance causes the devil to flee.   (James 4:7)  Submitting to God means we agree with Him.

We commit to live according to His Word, living by faith, speaking His Word over our lives which bring victory to every area of our lives.  Let there not be two sides to us, no double-mindedness in how we live – one way when in church and another at home or work – BUT let’s be one-sided by consistently living for the Lord in all our ways according to HIS TRUTH.








One thought on “The Truth Is One Sided

  1. Lisa G says:

    Really good word, Mary!

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