No Time Like The Present

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March 11, 2019 by maryruwe

thI remember hearing my Mother say, “There’s no time like the present” when she was telling us kids to do something – now.  In other words, quit putting off “until someday” what needs to be done today.

Procrastination never helps anyone.  And yet so many of us have trouble with that habit so much of the time.  We may not want to admit it but it’s true.  We see it in others but not always in ourselves; that’s because we hide it under the disguise of being busy and just don’t have the time.  Two main areas in most of our lives are exercise and eating properly.  I know – you didn’t want to hear that but I do believe it’s true.  Of course, there are other areas of our lives too; like maybe you are always late and never on time for family gathers, or even late to church.  We’re usually better with our business-side of life than our private lives but I suggest that the problem runs deeper than even that.   It spills over into maintaining a good spiritual life rooted and grounded in the Word of God.

I do believe that the devil uses procrastination as a tool for rebellion and control.  We are made to want to be in control; remember God gave Adam control of the Garden of Eden.  (Genesis 1:28)  Rebellion came through the Fall of Man when Adam, with his disobedience, rebelled against God, ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  (Genesis 3)

Why is it so easy to put something off until tomorrow when we know we should do it today?  I think it’s because procrastination is a way that the devil keeps us from following and completing the will of God for our lives, and it begins with just putting off what we know to do.  We know we are to walk in love, forgive, and be kind and merciful to others.  We have opportunities every day.  What about that cashier who is so slow that you could have driven to China and back by the time she/he rang up the grocery items; or perhaps the driver who pulled out in front of you and then almost stopped? Yep, those are the times.

I think we would be wise to look at procrastination as being disobedience, rather than just a delay in getting something done.  It’s in the finishing of a project that there is satisfaction; putting off until tomorrow to do something never gets it done, and therefore causes frustration and a sense of failure.  Good discipline is making decisions and then following through with those decisions.  Exercise and eating right are essential to good physical health. Bible reading and prayer are essential to good spiritual health.  Though we must guard against the temptation of reading and praying as a project or we will not gain the benefit from them that God intends for us.  But there is a sense of accomplishment when we know we have spent time with our Lord, a sense of effectiveness when we have prayed for others; and receive peace in our heart that He is always with us, guiding us, and helping us through our day.

Jesus said, “I am the bread of life”. (John 6:35)  Jesus is the Word. (John 1:1, 14)  We eat natural bread to sustain our body and we read the Bible to sustain our spirit.  We pray to fellowship with our Lord.

The challenge for us this week: check your calendar and see if you’ve put God first on your list or do you just try to “pencil” Him in somewhere in your busy schedule?  I know from my own experience that the days I put Him first in Bible reading and pray – those are the best days.














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