Sharing Your Victories

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November 11, 2019 by maryruwe

thN2L2FJ6OI love to communicate Bible truths with others to help build them up and encourage them to be all they are to be in Christ; helping them to fulfill and complete the call and purpose of God for their lives. Sharing our testimony of Salvation and victories over temptation is a part of communicating the goodness of God.

According to the dictionary communicate is described as, to make known (as in a message), or to pass on information. My Bible describes communicate more in line with communion; as with God, Jesus, and other believers, as an expression for the close relationship; having the motive to reconcile and joining of relationships. Good communication joins people together in love and is not hurtful, and does not cause division, strife.

One of the things I’ve learned in ministering to others is to not steal another’s testimony. The testimony of others IS theirs to share, not yours or mine, unless you have their consent, or they have already made it known in public. The reason is because to some degree some specifics have to be shared, and if not careful, the subtleness of temptation of Satan can creep in as the disguise to share the victory but he turns it into the arena of gossip; and more harm is done than good.

Another area to be careful about is when to share your testimony. I’ve noticed many times that when one person is giving their testimony it triggers a testimony of our own and others. Which is a good thing, because it is always good to remember the good that the Lord has done for us. However, we must be careful that our sharing doesn’t turn into a competition of what God has done for us. We never want it to come across as trying to “out-do” another person’s victory. Never think that your testimony is a greater victory. Each victory has its own greatness to each individual. To me, this means to not steal the glory of another person’s testimony by always thinking we need to share ours at that same time. Your time will come to share yours without causing strife. Romans 12:10 teaches us to be kindly to one another in brotherly love, preferring one another. Be careful to keep the motives of your heart pure. Always take careful heed to monitor the desires of your heart.

Psalm 13:10 tells us that where there is strife, there is pride. So, let’s be careful to not cause strife when sharing our testimony.

Be aware that sharing our victory over a situation that another person is struggling and hurting with can cause them to doubt their own faith. So, listen to the Holy Spirit to know when to share your testimonies; He knows who will be encouraged by your victories, and that’s when God gets the glory and is able to minister deliverance and healing to others.

Remember, our victories are meant to bring glory to God and thereby help others to trust God.








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